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We make Augmented Reality simple!

Onirix is the one-stop Augmented Reality platform for Agencies, Creative studios, and Development companies, that is, a set of tools that allow you to create, configure and share different types of augmented reality experiences, without the need for technical knowledge, or write a single one line of code.

Our main headquarters are in the paradise of Asturias (Spain), although we work globally, with a diversity of clients in more than 20 countries.

Onirix is a young and growing company, within one of the technological verticals with the most projection of the next decade. Ambition, motivation, and innovation are our hallmarks.

If you like technology, and all the potential it has, and you want to be part of a team where your work has a major impact on the day-to-day and future of the company, without a doubt this is your place.

The role

We are looking for a Customer Success Manager to be part of our Revenue team, where you will work directly with marketing, product and sales teams.

From your role, it is essential that you have knowledge of the state of the product and its technical evolution. Be able to identify needed improvements for customers and partners, and take part in improvement iterations.
You will be in contact with our existing customers, showing them new product features, trying to keep them on the platform and renewing, and showing them how they can improve their business with all the new features we are adding.
You will also have contact with the marketing team to communicate the needs of our clients and the market and offer ideas that can help the acquisition of similar leads.
You will start by providing support in understanding the needs of customers, as well as generating relevant content for them (tutorials, documentation, etc.), and helping to build community within the product.

The main tasks will be

  • Continuous study and analysis of the augmented reality market and its applications.
  • Remote meetings with current customers and partners to help them understand the product, with a focus on retention and improving the usability of Onirix.
  • Management of support tickets related to the product, pricing, and customer customizations.
  • Understand the needs of the market, and be able to find the right partners to match customer needs.
  • Participate in the iterative process of product improvement based on the needs detected.
  • Generation of audiovisual content that can help improve the use and understanding of Onirix.
  • Community management through our Slack channel for customers and partners.

Competences and requirements

We are looking for people, after all, people with a good attitude and a desire to create impact. In a team of this style, it is necessary that you be someone with communication skills, willing to work as a team, versatile, and above all a very proactive person. It is essential that you are able to analyze our needs and establish the tasks that you think are necessary for the improvement of Onirix. We need people who want to propose and not wait. The desire to learn and improve is a key requirement. Analytical ability and have a high degree of creativity and adaptation to new ideas and scenarios.

The requirements we seek for the position are

  • Previous experience in similar positions of at least 3 years.
  • Experience with technological, SaaS, and B2B products.
  • Experience managing client relations and meetings.
  • Good communication skills, empathy.
  • Technical background.
  • Experience with tools like CRMs and project managers like JIRA.
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to think creatively and work independently.
  • Languages: Spanish and English, spoken and written.
  • Willingness to learn and evolve as a professional and make an impact.

It will also be valued

  • To have been part of a single-product or product-oriented company.
  • Have had contact or work relations with augmented reality.
  • Experience with agile methodologies such as SCRUM or KANBAN.
  • Know tools like Slack, Google Drive.
  • Previous experience in technical support teams.

What we offer

  • Be part of a growing product with a presence in more than 20 countries
  • A job where your opinions and decisions are taken into account and crucially influence the day-to-day of the product, with a direct impact on the company and the team.
  • A product-oriented position in a growing technology market, with a great projection.
  • Salary according to the market and value of the candidate. Annual salary review.
  • Flexible hours and facilities to reconcile.
  • Flexibility to request vacations.
  • Remote work mode (partial or complete, at the candidate’s choice).
  • Office at the Asturias headquarters available to employees.

Here is a sample of the kind of experiences that can be built with Onirix, and how easy it is to share them with the world. Would you help us to keep making RA simple?

Image tracking AR experience
Chief Executive Officer at Onirix Linkedin

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