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A simple way to share your AR experience with others.

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The remaining challenge of Augmented Reality (AR) is to bring the content to your audience in a comfortable and easy way. Until web browsers are capable of displaying AR, we will depend on apps to display AR content. This is slightly inconvenient for the user, as they first need to install an app and even more for marketers, as they will always lose a share of interested users along the way.

At Onirix, we have decided to eradicate this shortcoming of AR and turn it into an advantage. The Launch Pad is a fully customizable starting point to your AR experience. You still need an app, but we streamlined the process of how fast your users can get to your experience.

Share your AR content online

This is a purely online experience that starts and ends on a mobile device. Share the URL of your Launch Pad online. Users that click on the URL, will be sent to your Launch Pad and can access the experience from there.

Share your AR content offline and through print media

This is for AR that is built to enhance print media and connect it with the digital world. Add the Onirix QR code to your print media. Users that scan the code will be sent to your Launch Pad and can access the experience from there.

Customize your Launch Pad!

The Launch Pad can be completely customized with your logo, an image, and your own headline and description. From the Launch Pad, you send people to the app. This can be your own app with AR support, the Onirix App Player or a white-labeled app.

Time to get inspired

All you need is an idea. We'll help you launch it. Here are some examples

  • Bright side story

    Small interactive story with sounds and 3D models. Enjoy this experience on any surface around you!

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  • The flying Whale

    Select a surface and watch our flying Whale swimming through the sky! Use the transformation mode to change size, rotate, and move the whale wherever you want!

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  • Rockstar guitar

    Explore this 3D model of a guitar, learn more about it and listen to some cool riffs!

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