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Team up with us and offer AR to your clients

Bundle Augmented reality with your own services and start profiting

Partner with Onirix

We develop AR solutions that are easy to sell, deploy and support. Bundle Onirix with your own services and start profiting.

We deliver leads

Our partner program is straightforward. We give you free access to our platform, free online training, and we forward leads from your region. The only thing we ask for in return is a monthly call to keep us updated about your sales activities.

deliver augmented reality leads from your region
Augmented reality recurring revenue

Recurring revenue

The sale of every subscription means recurring revenue for you. This applies for all your customers, every single month for as long as they are using Onirix.

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Partner with Onirix

Interested in teaming up with us and offering Augmented Reality to your clients?

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Onirix is being used by large and small organizations all around the world. Learn more about their experience with us