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AR Technologies

Dutch bases AR creative agency specialized in Web AR animations, 3D furniture webshop integrations and AR hologram marketing campaigns.

  • Featured work

    Holograms in AR

    Create unique and impactful social marketing campaigns with holograms in augmented reality. With a simple addition of a QR code or url, your online or offline advertisement gets a completely new dimension. A hologram that explains a product, provides training or launches a unique campaign via social media. We have launched a unique project for the Medi Restaurant Group in which guests are welcomed via a hologram in augmented reality after scanning the QR code.

  • Featured work

    Meubels live in AR

    Why simple and standard images on your webshop? If your products can also be viewed in 3D and augmented reality. Your products projected live in your customer’s room or garden. Your customer experiences the products in a unique way, in 3D and augmented reality. Increase the customer experience and sales thanks to our augmented reality technology.