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NowAR Lab

We are a collective of professionals from multiple disciplines that revolve around 2D / 3D visual design, User Experience, marketing and programming. We combine technology and creativity to offer immersive experiences that respond to the new market demand. We do webAR consulting and production as a technological bet for the future.

  • Featured work

    Goiko Grill

    On the occasion of the launch of the new Burger Smash, Goiko asked us to develop a video game so that the customer can entertain himself while waiting for his food.

    The objective of the game is to crush the greatest number of hamburgers that will appear on a conveyor belt. The user must not let any escape, because they will not return, and if they miss the hit, they will lose life points.

    The game was launched accompanied by a competition with prizes for the hundred best scores with the aim of generating leads for the brand.
    Throughout the first three weeks of the campaign, more than 50,000 unique players played with an average of 1.8 games per player.

    A total of more than 200k views in less than two months.

  • Featured work


    Digitalization is the current challenge for most brands and we found a good opportunity that allows us to evolve the traditional printed catalogs by offering alternatives that allow us to demonstrate the real potential of their products.

    Thanks to the standardization of the QR code and the evolution of WebAR technology, today we can visualize an endless number of products through augmented reality with 3D assets, which guarantees a better understanding of the product and better conversion rates. This format has many advantages for the user, since it allows to visualize the product at real scale and with the greatest possible similarity before the purchase.

  • Featured work

    Inside car experience

    Here we imagine how through a banner display campaign we can access a WebAr experience. Thinking about the web browsing of the common user, we can derive AR experiences that can improve the relationship with the brand as well as present the product in an immersive way and close to reality. Once in the experience, we will get inside a car, and in a short trip through a tunnel, we will get to know the characteristics of electric models.

  • Featured work

    Metro de Madrid map

    Putting the tourist in the center, we thought it might be interesting to include a metro map directly on the travel card. A QR scan from the camera takes us directly to see the complete map with the entire metro network, which allows us to understand the exchange possibilities very quickly, without the need to unlock the mobile phone and search by characters on the browser.