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Schrödinger Lab

We are Schrödinger Lab. Creativity, Perseverance and Analysis capacity make us design, plan and develop from the most basic concept to the most extraordinary, giving an extra twist to traditional Marketing and advertising dissemination formulas. The idea is simple. We create solid creative concepts that we take to traditional media linking them with online and innovative tools such as apps, virtual reality. A common thread that makes us unique in this very complicated thing that is to reach the potential client. Your company's link with Schrödinger Lab only means growth, quality advertising and innovation.

  • Featured work

    AR ticket vending machines

    The proposal was that the ticket vending machines begin to come to life as a Transformer with A QR scan from the camera takes us directly to see a person who explains to Seville Metro users how much those passengers who use Tap&Go save in time and money.