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We give creatives and software developers the tool to create their own mobile Augmented Reality experiences.

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Augmented Reality for Creatives and Developers

Onirix is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform that allows you to create, host and publish your own AR content in a quick and easy way. We develop our products for creatives, professional content creators, educators and mobile application developers. Our goal is to let you focus on your project while we are providing you with all the necessary technology.

Web, Mobile Applications and SDK

Onirix Studio is a powerful web design platform that allows you to create scenes, add points of interest, routes, 3D models inside your web browser, while not requiring any programming knowledge. Onirix Player is a set of native apps for iOS and Android that gives you the power to immediately try the experiences that you have created on a mobile device. Our included SDK enables software developers to easily build mobile apps while drastically reducing development time.

AR 3d animation
ios and adroid apps for augmented reality

Include Targets, Places and Spaces

Onirix brings along three AR key technologies to create different types of experiences. With Targets you can place objects on any surface, marker, image or logo and make them come alive inside your App. It is compatible with ARKit and ARCore.

Places let you position AR objects on Google Maps and make them available to your users. Apps build with Places enhance the outside experience of your users by providing additional information about their surroundings.

Spaces lets you place AR content with great precision inside of rooms, buildings, warehouses and industrial environments. This is a game changer for any AR application that is designed for inside locations.

AR Cloud and Hosting

Onirix hosts all your 3D objects and scenes in the cloud and you never have to worry about infrastructure. The interoperable format GLB that is used by Onirix makes scenes more efficient in terms or processing power and memory usage. For rendering Onirix uses Unity’s 3D engine.

Integration for digital eyewear like Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens with Onirix are also on the horizon.

AR Inspiration & Eye Candy

Augmented Reality is the redefining technology for marketing agencies, event planners, museums, art exhibitions, medicine, game designers and educators. Explore your creativity with us

Onirix Tutorials

No matter if your designing mobile apps, marketing campaigns, interactive product visualisations or you are looking for innovative ways to boost your print marketing, our tutorials will help you getting started