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Create, share, customize, and measure the impact of your projects. WebAR for marketing agencies, digital strategies, tourism, retail, restaurants… and many more!

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    CMS online

    Create and configure easily the contents of your AR experiences independently and flexibly.

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    Measure the impact of your augmented reality campaings, and the response of your audience.

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    Visualize your augmented reality experiences directly inside the web browser. No apps needed!

Augmented Reality experience Onirix studio view Augmented Reality experience Onirix studio view arrow
Augmented Reality experience Onirix studio view

CMS online

Onirix Studio is an Experience Editor designed to be used by personnel without technical knowledge. With our Content Manager you can create different types of experiences, including 3D models, videos, interactive elements, or even Geolocated maps.

Endless possibilities to help your clients with their campaigns or digitization strategies. Simply upload your content, drag it into the scene, and share the web link with your audience.

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Augmented Reality experience Onirix studio view
Analytics Onirix studio view


Within our metrics dashboard you can analyze the consumption of each of your creations.

Create business for your company using augmented reality as you have never done before!



And all this now through web browsers, without the need for your clients to download a mobile application for each experience.

With the web, everything is simpler: share, consume, update and measure.

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Augmented Reality Web experience Onirix

Customize your webAR projects and adapt them to the needs of your clients

Normally when advancing an augmented reality project idea with an end customer, it is necessary to include a certain level of personalization

Analytics Onirix studio view

Visual customization

Adapt the experience and its components to the end customer's branding.

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Logic customization

To have total control over what happens in your experience, interaction, user data storage, integration with an external system, etc; we have our webAR SDK for javascript available.

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Augmented Reality experience Onirix studio view

Can we give you a hand?

If you need us to help you shape your project, from an aesthetic or functional point of view, we can help you to devise, design and develop the components of your experience with our team.

The most requested types of projects are:

one shot ar campaigns

One Shot

Packaging, Marketing, Advertising…

Creative campaigns to drive experience marketing. Through augmented reality, specific actions can be carried out to give life to a product or its packaging, and associate relevant content for the consumer.

Whatch an example of this concept


Products, Retail, Restaurant Menus…

Cases in which there is a wide catalog of products of various kinds. With augmented reality, buyers are allowed to access said digital catalog, and view these products in great detail.

Whatch an example of this concept

Ar catalog concept
Treasure Hunt AR concept

Treasure Hunt

Tourism, Gamification, Maintenance…

Using geolocated augmented reality, content related to specific locations can be established on a map.

This is a powerful tool, both for sharing tourist and cultural content, and for generating game dynamics related to brands and products.

Whatch an example of this concept

Big needs, big solutions!

Bring augmented reality to large corporations: maintenance, training, security, digitalization...

Spatial AR

In addition to webAR, Onirix has a module with the latest technology related to augmented reality: Spatial AR. Thanks to this, contents can be anchored in various types of scenarios, such as engine rooms, electrical cabinets, or production lines.

With Spatial AR we improve worker efficiency, in an easy and fast way.

Custom solutions
Augmented Reality experience Onirix studio view