AR for Industry

Improve industrial processes for efficiency with Onirix's Web AR platform and revolutionize how you approach simulation, training, design and sales in the industrial landscape.

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Augmented reality use cases in Industry

Save time, enhance productivity, and bring innovation to every stage of your industrial workflow. Explore some applications of augmented reality (AR) in your sector!

Learning Through Simulation

Transform training programs with AR simulations with 3D models and digital twins.

Onirix enables realistic and immersive experiences for hands-on learning, ensuring your workforce is equipped with the skills needed to excel in complex industrial environments.

Enhancing reality with AR

From day-to-day operations to hands-on learning and maintenance, Onirix also enhances productivity by augmenting your surroundings, not only with 3D simulations.

This is possible through our Spatial AR technology, enabling you to scan any location or rigid object (50 m²), visualize it in Onirix Studio within minutes, and anchor information, quizzes, and much more.

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AR Selling in Industry

You can also use Onirix’s 3D showcase features or build a Product Configurator to transform your sales approach.

Showcase industrial products in intricate detail, allow customization through augmented reality and empower your sales team to provide a tailored and immersive experience to potential clients.

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