Why Web AR?

Immersive experiences with greater accessibility and cross-platform compatibility that reduces development time and costs.

web ar
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Global use

More than 4.5 billions IOs & Android global users compatibility, 97.43% of browsers worldwide nowadays.

Global use of augmented reality

No App Required

The fastest and most accessible option to experience AR removing end-user barriers to entry.

Empower your creativity

Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of web technology to create different AR experiences based on image tracking, world tracking, rotation Tracking, maps - Gps.

More reasons to believe

reasons to believe
  • Increases brand relationship with user

    Improves engagement and interaction rate. Increased time spent on the website. Bounce rate is reduced.

  • Increases consideration and conversion sales rate

    Enhances the shopping experience. Ensures a better understanding of the product. Enables product visualisation in real-life environments.

  • Generate web behavioural data and qualified leads

    Obtain navigation data for decision making Generate lead acquisition dynamics in qualitative contexts.

Supported types of AR Tracking

Onirix supports a variety of tracking technologies.

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Success stories

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Learn About AR

In our AR Wiki we are trying to give you a comprehensive view into Augmented Realty and related technologies