Web AR SDK to empower your code

Discover our development tools connected to our Web AR platform: Different hosting levels, SDKs and libraries, plus our online code editor and documented code samples.

Reasons to believe

Because the combination of two powerful worlds such as augmented reality and the web offers you a new range of possibilities at your fingertips.

  • Short learning curve

    Drag and drop Studio connected with web technologies that everybody knows (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

  • In-depth documentation

    Detailed specifications, examples, snippets and templates ready to use.

reasons to believe
  • Web AR SDK

    Two levels of tool kits that enable you to control the visual interface and the logic and interactions of your experiences.

  • Technical support

    Access to our team of experts who create and know the detail of the technology in depth.

Onirix SDKs

All the power of Web AR ready to develop stunning experiences

Cloud hosting: Online code editor & Embed SDK

Forget about setting up an infrastructure for your project, server, transfer or storage costs.

Take advantage of the entire Onirix ecosystem and the connection of our scene editor and our most powerful tool for developers. Thanks to our online code editor and the Embed SDK you will take advantage of these benefits:

  • Unified development experience. Online tool with all-you-need included to design and develop your experiences. No need to leave Studio.
  • Industry-Standard Code Editor: familiar style in the development community for web development.
  • Seamless integration, boundless possibilities: thanks to the embed SDK you can add logic to the scene and modify its behavior, besides the look and feel.
View Embed SDK documentation

Self-hosting: Engine SDK

If, on the other hand, you want to take control of the hosting of your experiences, while losing the power of our scene editor, code editor and embed SDK, you have the option of using our Engine SDK. This library allows you direct access to our different tracking systems, placing AR content precisely on your images or surfaces.

Our Engine SDK is compatible with different JavaScript based web rendering systems such as Three.js, Aframe or Babylon.js.

View Engine SDK documentation
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Empower with Onirix

Our Ad-tech integrations allow you to analyze and maximize your AR web campaign. Let the data come in and build audiences based on your own media.

Supported types of AR Tracking

Onirix supports a variety of tracking technologies.

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