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Onirix Web AR SDK is a Source Development Kit that allows to create Augmented Reality experiencies that run in a web browser.

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Build Web AR experiences quickly and easily

It was built using plain JavaScript and other web standards like WebGL or WebAssembly combined with in-house computer vision algorithms optimized to run in a web browser.

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Embed SDK

With our Embed SDK you have access to a number of functions to modify Onirix elements, their styles and functions. Besides that, you can use our event list to send messages to each scene, and so for example hide, show, animate scene elements, and much more.

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onirix webar sdk engines concept

Combine the AR Engine SDK with any 3D web library

Onirix AR Engine SDK is agnostic (not tied) to any rendering engine, so you can combine it with any 3D engine library like:

ThreeJS | BabylonJS | Aframe

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Example: Create your own Scavenger Hunt with image detection

Thanks to our Javascript SDK you can design and develop your own experiences. For example, try creating your own treasure hunt, detecting different images, and obtaining points in each one of them. Register information about your users to offer them different types of prizes.

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The different types of trackings you can work with

Onirix Web AR SDK is compatible with the following tracking modes:

Image tracking

Will load the image classifier generated for your project and perform detection and tracking.

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Surface tracking

Will use device motion sensors (gyroscope) to track an object fixed over any place or surface (rotation only).

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Sample projects

You can visit our GitHub account for samples using different tracking modes and 3D rendering libraries.

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