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Onirix Studio lets you create sophisticated AR scenes and instantly deploy them on Android and iOS devices.

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Creative Studio

Our web based Onirix Studio is the place where you can create, host and and publish the visual part of your AR projects. Add points of interest, routes, 3D models and other information. We also provide hosting, to make sure that all of your projects have enough performance assigned that your users have a great experience when using your app.

Onirix Studio is is tightly integrated with our native apps players for Android and iOS. Content that you create inside the studio is available inside the apps for immediate usage.

AR Scene Designer

Onirix Studio includes an easy-to-use scene designer. Easily add 3D models, sounds, images and events to your scenes. Design interactive scenes, group items and share them online and offline with others.

More about how you can share your experiences can be found here.

augmented reality scene designer
app player for ios and android

App Players

Our App Players are native apps for Android and iOS. They allow you to visualise your AR creations after designing them inside Onirix Studio. You feel immediately how experiences are being adopted by the different mobile platforms and across multiple devices.

Onirix currently supports devices that use ARKit, ARCore and Tango. Try out our demos without even creating an account.

Getting started with Onirix

In this short introduction we explain the process of creating a project inside Onirix Studio and afterwards deploying it on a mobile device, using our App Players..

How to create an AR scene in 4 steps

Here we explain how you place a 3D object on any surface using Onirix's Targets technology.

create AR project


Create a project and design your scene

Create a Target project and add a 3D object of your choice.

download player app for targets


Download the Targets App Player & Login

Download the app to your ARkit or ARcore compatabile device.


Select your scene & have fun!

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3d armchair 3d animated bear
3d armchair 3d chair 3d animated bear 3d farm 3d dog