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Onirix Studio lets you create sophisticated AR scenes and instantly deploy them on Android and iOS devices.

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Creative Studio

Our web-based Studio is the place where you can create, host and and publish your AR content. Share content online, on social media or through print media. We also make sure that all your projects have enough performance assigned that your users have a great experience.

Onirix Studio is is tightly integrated with our native apps players for Android and iOS. AR content that you create inside the studio is available inside the apps immediately.

Scene Designer

Onirix Studio includes a powerful designer. Create interactive scenes and include 3D models, videos, audio and other assets. A variety of file formats is supported to make asset import really easy.

augmented reality scene designer

Supported types of AR Tracking

Onirix supports a variety of tracking technologies

augmented reality scene designer

Web AR

Web AR allows users to access AR content from any mobile device without the need for an app from within a normal web browser. The most widely used browsers, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari support this technology.

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app player for ios and android

App Players

Our App Players are native apps for Android and iOS and fully integrated with Onirix Studio. They allow you to visualise the scenes you have created with the Studio on your devices.

Try our included demo experiences without even creating an account.

Getting started with Onirix

In this short intro we illustrate the process of creating a scene inside the Studio and afterwards deploying it on a mobile device, using our App Players.

How to create an AR scene in 4 steps

Our goal here is to walk you through the process of how to create and view a simple AR scene.

create AR project


Design your scene

Create a new project, open the scene editor and add a 3D object of your choice.


Visualize the experience with the app or Web AR!

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3d armchair 3d animated bear
3d armchair 3d chair 3d animated bear 3d farm 3d dog