Spatial AR

Scan real spaces and place augmented reality content on them. Use your mobile to scan spaces and consume AR experiences through the browser of a mobile device or headset.

What is Spatial AR?

New visual positioning system (VPS) that allows you to scan an environment, place augmented reality content in it with high precision, and keep it anchored throughout the user experience.

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Use cases to inspire you

Spatial AR increases productivity, enhances interactive learning and improves the user experience in different sectors.


In industry, precision is key. Spatial AR is more accurate than GPS and its instant tracking is perfect for guiding operators in maintenance tasks.

Need to train your employees in the use of a complex industrial machine? Create an augmented reality experience where the employee sees, step by step, what to do via a mobile device or Meta Quest 3.

Spatial AR also serves to improve productivity by providing contextual visualization for greater operational efficiency and to improve safety, with real-time visual warnings to prevent occupational hazards.


Engaging tourists more actively and offering them an immersive experience are some of the advantages of using augmented reality in cultural spaces.

You can make historical reconstructions in AR so that the visitor can see, first hand, what ancient monuments looked like, of which today only the foundations remain.

Thanks to the combination of geopositioning and Spatial AR you can enrich your tourist guides by adding contextual information. You can also add game dynamics such as treasure hunts.

Retail & E-commerce

Stand out from the competition and reduce return rates by applying augmented reality to your e-commerce. Customers will be able to see how the product fits wherever they want before buying it.

Spatial AR allows you to use your own physical store to display virtual information about a product in real-time, and the user can add it to the shopping cart directly.

Additionally, you can increase sales and engagement by using your location as a space for dynamic games that allow users to interact and achieve rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Spatial AR

Which browsers can be used to consume Spatial AR experiences?

To view the final result, that is, the placement and tracking of content, the beta is only available for Android phones compatible with ARCore. The final version will also be compatible with iOS devices.

What do I need to do to scan a space with Spatial AR?

You can consume Spatial AR experiences from a browser. However, to scan new spaces or rigid objects (50 m²), you need to download our Onirix Constructor app. Currently, it is only available for iOS.