AR for Culture & Entertainment

Immerse your audience in a revolutionary cultural and entertainment experience with Onirix's Web AR platform. Augment reality to transform museum visits, concerts & events, and even the streets into interactive canvases.

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AR use cases in Culture and Entertainment

Unleash a new dimension in cultural engagement with Onirix! Here are some use cases specifically tailored for your sector.

Enriching Cultural Journeys

Redefine the museum experience with Onirix.

Transform static exhibits into dynamic narratives, offering visitors a personalized and interactive journey through history, art, and culture.

With our best-in-class image tracking technology, you can identify artwork through any smartphone camera and anchor 2D annotations, 3D objects, or even sounds without leaving the browser.

Just like that!

Gamifying Event Experiences

Amplify the excitement of concerts and events with Onirix.

From crafting Augmented Reality scavenger hunts to presenting a 3D avatar of an artist performing atop a flyer, the possibilities are endless.

Utilizing our geolocation capabilities, you can deploy AR experiences in specific coordinates and radius. And that’s not all; you can also incorporate a sign-up process, introduce a leaderboard, or offer prizes in exchange for points. Your creativity knows no bounds.

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Streets as Canvases

Turn streets into living art galleries with Onirix.

Bring the city to life with augmented reality, empowering artists to craft interactive installations that captivate and engage passersby in a unique cultural experience.

Lock artworks to specific coordinates, use our image tracking technology to enhance physical pieces, or leverage Onirix’s Spatial AR to scan any location and anchor virtual information to a 3D digital twin.

Why Onirix?

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Onirix in Action

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