AR for HR & Training

Revolutionize Human Resources use cases using Onirix’ Web AR platform to educate, simulate and gamify effortlessly. Level up your corporate journey with Augmented Reality!

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Augmented Reality use cases in HR

You will be able to enhance training programs, risk management and group dynamics thanks to Augmented Reality on smartphones, tablets and even headsets.

Empower Training, Enhance Productivity

Transform training and productivity with Onirix’s Web AR platform. Educate your team on product functions, processes, and more, seamlessly integrating Spatial AR. Scan objects and rooms and anchor virtual information on the go, or utilize digital twins for interactive augmented reality experiences.

Integrate Onirix with your existing training programs to elevate your workforce, fostering engagement and knowledge retention while making learning interactive and dynamic.

Mitigate Risks, Simulate Scenarios

Transform your risk management strategies simulating threat prevention and emergency situations, allowing your team to prepare effectively. 

Integrate AR into smartphones or new devices like the Meta Quest 3 to enhance the realism of scenarios and ensure your team is well-equipped to handle any situation, minimizing risks with immersive and effective AR experiences.

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Gamify Offsites, Improve Team Dynamics

Transform corporate events and group dynamics with Onirix.

Create gamified offsite events that engage and energize your team using AR on smartphones to enhance engagement, making team-building activities more enjoyable. 

We can help you foster stronger team connections through the power of augmented reality.

Why Onirix?

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Onirix in Action

Read what our clients have to say about creating Augmented Reality experiences with Onirix in the tourism sector.

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