TWO WORLDS: The Real and the Digital

Today there are two parallel worlds that have their own identity, rules, protocols, and even fans, but they also live connected and often depend on each other.

We are talking about the real world and the digital world. We all understand that in the real world people have a life of greater or lesser quality thanks to interaction with their environment and the people in it, and something similar happens in the digital world. In the digital world, there is so much information, communities, and existing worlds that some people even see their "digital life" as an important part of their existence.

Problem: The disconnection between worlds

Until now, the way to connect these worlds, the real and the digital, has been limited to the use of flat-screen devices that mostly show 2D images and isolate the person from the real world. Who hasn't been in desperate situations like a dinner with friends, and someone is absorbed in the digital world and therefore separated from real interaction with their friends?

The Metaverse was offered as the great solution to this, but in its conception, it has been understood that the only way to achieve it was through virtual reality, or so Facebook made us understand when in November 2021 it changed its name to Meta and made a big bet on VR. However, we see that this is just another way of separating the digital world from the real one, perhaps isolating the person more from the real world and making us believe that the value of the future lies only in the digital world.

"We don't want a society that lives immersed in the digital world, separated from the physical and real world."
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We want a society that makes the most of the digital world to empower the real world, and all in a natural way, without friction. Let's combine both worlds to create a more enriching experience.

Onirix: The Solution

Onirix is the key to the door that allows us to unite both worlds. We believe in augmented reality (AR) as the key technology that allows us to communicate the real and digital worlds in a natural way, and thus improve our capabilities, both of people and companies.

AR has the ability to show precise information at the right time, to the right person, contextualized in the real world. This will mean a paradigm shift in the way we play, work, and communicate with others. We'll have more fun, make better decisions, and communicate better.

Onirix the solution

And maybe we can call it the Metaverse, but the Metaverse is nothing more than an evolution of the current internet, a new way of consuming content, where we are moving from consuming 2D content to 3D content. We'll go from having them on a screen to having them around us, and it's not something that happens when a company changes its name, it's something that has been developing over the last twenty years.

It's time to make all the technological advances that have been developed accessible to everyone, easy to implement, understand, and use. It's time to create companies whose focus is to put content on that new internet, on that new connection between the digital and the real world, on that new way of consuming content. We need startups that automatically convert all the 2D images we have on the internet into 3D, we need startups to even transform ourselves into avatars, and of course, startups that allow everyone to put that content on that new internet.

And that's precisely what we're going to do at Onirix. We're going to allow any company or person to create and share their own AR experiences easily, so that everyone can enjoy them without friction. With that we will be able to open the door that separates those two worlds we are talking about, and give that key to anyone, without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

To do this we have created a SaaS platform that allows you to create professional AR experiences of all kinds, give them interactivity, and share them through a simple web link that anyone can open through their mobile device. All this in an easy and fast way, without the need to be an expert, and that also allows us to measure the impact that these experiences have on society.

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