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If you have an Augmented Reality project, but special requirements when it comes to features, design or support, our Solutions program might be right for you. Our AR experts sit down with you and design your project entirely to your specifications.

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No matter if you need your own app with Augmented Reality, design an AR marketing campaign or want to integrate AR in your existing mobile app - we work directly with you to create a custom solution.

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Industry-specific AR Solutions

We have been creating Augmented Reality experiences since 2014. Over the year we have worked with clients from a variety of industries.

  • Augmented Reality in Industry

    Industry 4.0

    Augmented Reality is one of the key technologies to drive the future of manufacturing

  • Augmented Reality in Marketing

    Marketing & Advertising

    Augmented Reality is changing the way how customers interact and experience ads

  • Augmented Reality in Design & Art

    Design & Art

    Augmented Reality has the ability to bend reality and move installations to a different level of interaction

  • Augmented Reality in Tourism


    Tomorrow’s workers and educators will need the skills to leverage this technology

  • Augmented Reality in Restoration

    Food and Hospitality Industry

    Augmented Reality can make clients aware of services and products that might otherwise go unnoticed

  • Augmented Reality in Education

    Publishing & Books

    In the world of publishing and editorials, Augmented Reality can play an important role

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Onirix is being used by large and small organizations all around the world. Learn more about their experience with us

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