Experience overview 📖

With this experience you will be able to give life to a map in which different animated locations will be shown by means of gifs reproduced in loop. In each of them you can consult some highlighted information about each of the places in the map.

This information has been included using Onirix standard Content Sheets, in which you can set a title, a description, an image and also an external link. These cards with information will appear at the bottom of the scene, and they will be consumed as an extra source of information attached to different AR elements.

Interactions through events and transitions have also been used to make the content of each information card appear and disappear, as well as a background sound that is played when the scene is loaded, to give dynamism to the content.

Visualize this experience

Scan the QR code and hold your device pointing to the marker.

experience QR code
MARKER experience marker

Visualize this experience

Scan the QR code and enjoy the AR experience.

Uses and benefits 🌱

Example of an experience related to the world of tourism or marketing. Through web AR we can give life to static graphic content, and thus convert an experience such as a map or poster, into an element that provides more information to the user:

  • Increase the retention time of each user with the content.
  • Provide dynamic and updatable content in the same physical installation (shopping malls, airports, shop windows, bus shelters, etc.).
  • Improve brand image and relationship with the consumer by providing associated experiences to static images.


Features and tips💡

The following Onirix features are used in this experience:

Videos & gifs

  • A video to bring the poster to life at the beginning of the experience.
  • A looping gif to mark each of the locations to be highlighted.

Access the documentation on videos and gifs.

Content cards

Cards with extra information associated with the AR content (title, image and description) that appear associated with each of the destination countries.

Access the documentation on content cards.

Scene image tracking

The map itself acts as a marker and trigger for the scene and AR content. Adaptable to any physical image that may exist in a public space.

Access here the online documentation on image-tracking scenes.