Experience overview 📖

In this experience you can see the use of Onirix’ variants and datastore.

First, we have designed a simple eCommerce carousel, just by importing a single 3D model that can change its texture through variants, making a small change in our online code editor.

Variants are basically textures defined in 3D models that can be loaded at the same time, and displayed independently. 

More information about this type of textures in our documentation portal about variants.

Additionally, you can see Onirix Datastore feature in action. Thanks to this option, you can connect data structures & sheets to information cards (among other use cases) to easily fill the content of your experiences. 

Imagine being able to bring a full retail store to life through AR! With Onirix, you can do it while saving time and resources.

More information in our documentation portal about Datastore.

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Visualize this experience

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