Interactive webAR experience made with Onirix Studio

Try this amazing webAR experience where you can fight the AR market in an augmented arcade machine!

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onirix webar sdk concept

Onirix fighter: storytelling with webAR and Onirix Studio

An example of how to create an interactive scene, telling a story, with fx, sounds, music, 3D models, 2d graphics, events and transitions. And all made in less than 5 hours!

How to make a scene like this in Onirix

Take a look at this video where we show the making of the Onirix Fighter Scene. If you want to create your own scenes just create an account and try Onirix for free!

Watch the video of the making of this experience

Augmented reality in your web browser

Web AR is a great way to deliver immersive experiences directly inside the web browser.

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