Experience overview 📖

This dynamic seeks to show in an entertaining way the use of experiences on surfaces with Onirix. In this case, a character (the Onir-IX robot) will move in different coordinates to collect the nuts that appear randomly. You have to be fast because the nuts disappear after a few seconds. There are also golden nuts, which give more points, but they also disappear sooner.

Visualize this experience

Scan the QR code and hold your device pointing to the marker.

experience QR code
MARKER experience marker

Visualize this experience

Scan the QR code and enjoy the AR experience.

Uses and benefits 🌱

This experience is designed to generate interaction with the user, and can be associated with any type of campaign, product, or gamification dynamic. Being a surface experience, it can be launched anywhere, and its trigger, a QR code or a web link, placed on any support accessible to the user, both physical and digital. It is a very simple type of experience, for example, to associate with campaigns on websites or social networks. In addition, this type of games can help us to:

  • Improve brand image and perception.
  • Include the same type of dynamics in different media and therefore generate 360 campaigns.
  • Associate games to different contents that allow to drastically increase the engagement with the user, through scoring dynamics and the need for improvement.
  • Generate loyalty and reward campaigns associated with specific products.
  • Provide mechanisms for analytics and measurement of interaction with products or ads. Measure retention time.

Features and tips💡

The following features have been used to shape this experience:

3D models and animations

One of the main resources to be able to tell stories is to include characters that allow us to perform different actions. For this, one of the most powerful resources is the use of 3D models with various preloaded animations. 

In the case of this experience we have a 3D model of a robot, with some animations that allow us to generate the sensation of movement. By activating and deactivating these animations we manage to give the sensation that the robot moves (also making it move in different positions X,Y,Z of the environment). In addition to this we add an external element like the nut. We also provide it with animations: one for its fall from above (appearance), and another for the robot to pick it up dynamically (disappearance).

For more information see our documentation on 3D models in Onirix.

Sounds and effects

Different types of sounds have been added to create a more immersive experience:

  • Background music: animates the game dynamics and generates atmosphere.
  • Movement sound: when the robot moves to different positions.
  • Pick-up sound: when the robot picks up a normal nut.
  • Success sound: when the robot picks up a golden nut.

All sounds are triggered by events and interactions through the Embed SDK and by using the code editor as discussed in the next section.

Access the documentation on audios and sound effects.

Code editor: HTML, CSS and JavaScript & Embed SDK

In this experience different modifications have been made through the code editor. The most significant ones are the inclusion of the UI to display the game elements (banner information, amount of nuts collected, etc.), as well as the random appearance of the nuts around the environment. Some logic has been added to make the nuts have a certain lifetime, and if they are not collected they disappear. This limitation is more evident in the golden nuts, whose score is higher.

Here to access the online documentation of the code editor.

Here to access the Embed SDK documentation.

Surface tracking scene

In this case a surface tracking is used, since to place our game scenario we do not need any specific trigger other than the table or the floor in front of us. From there the environment will be the game board, and the robot will be able to move in any direction of it. 

Access here to the documentation on surface type scenes.