Fair use

This fair use policy outlines the way Onirix should be used. It is essential that you read and accept it before you use our products.

Transfer Volume

Transfer volume is the amount of data that travels between Onirix Studio and mobile applications. Whenever a scene is visualized inside Onirix Studio or inside an app, content like 3D models, images or data sheets are downloaded from our cloud infrastructure.

The included transfer volume of our plans is sufficient for the vast majority of our users.

For our standard plans, we assume that the average user does not exceed a total transfer volume of more than 6GB/month. For higher transfer volumes the user should acquire an Onirix custom license.

If a user keeps exceeding the included transfer volume, we might ask them to move to a custom plan with a higher transfer volume.


A view is a request for accessing an AR scene via a Launch Pad. Views generated from within your Onirix account (e.g. during design) are not counted. Our accounts come with a certain amount of views per month included. If you require more views (e.g. for online campaigns or large-scale events) more views can be purchased.


All AR experiences, that are created with a standard plan, include an Onirix Watermark inside the app players and the launch pad.

For AR experiences without a watermark or with a custom branding, please consider our White Labeling and SDK plans.

Content & Copyright

In most countries, when a person creates an original work they automatically own the copyright to the work. As the copyright owner, they have the exclusive right to use this work. Most of the time, only the copyright owner can say whether someone else has permissions to use the work. Please take this into account, whenever you create an AR experience with Onirix that includes work (3D models, audio, video, etc.) that was created by a third party.

Onirix cannot determine who owns the copyright for elements used in AR experiences. If a dispute arises, we will take the concerned content offline.  

Nudity, Violence and Hate Speech

Content that includes hate speech, explicit content (like pornography) or violence is not allowed in Onirix. Please note that this is not a complete list. If in doubt if content can be used, please get in touch with us.