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Onirix subscription
  • €29/month

Design and share your own AR experiences

  • Unlimited AR projects*
  • Web Studio access
  • App players for iOS & Android
  • Share your projects online & offline
  • 500 views included**
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10 days free trial


Add what you need to your Onirix project

  • Extra Views

    • €25/month

    500 additional views**

    If you need more than the included number of views

    • Our extra view package gives you the flexibility to adjust your campaign to the size of your audience
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  • White Labeling

    • €299/month

    Your own app

    Branded mobile apps in your corporate design

    • Includes branded app players for iOS & Android
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  • SDKs

    • €99/month

    Every project for iOS & Android

    For developers that want to build their own AR apps

    • SDK & rest API access
    • Templates access
    • Free Support
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*Our fair usage policy applies. Includes Onirix watermark.

** A “view” is a request for accessing an AR scene via a Launch Pad.

Views generated from within your Onirix account (e.g. during design) are not counted.

Custom Solutions

We team up with you to design and implement your AR project according to your blueprint.

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How long is the trial period?

Our accounts have an initial trial period of 10 days to give you the chance to try out Onirix with no strings attached. If you need any help during your trial, don’t hesitate to contact us via

After 10 days you can upgrade your plan to a paid account and simply keep using Onirix.

What is a project?

Creating a project in Onirix Studio is usually the first step when designing a new experience. For creators, this is usually a scene, a visualization or a demo. For developers that are using our SDKs, a project usually translates into a mobile application or a customer project. Please note that you can have multiple target platforms inside the same project.

How can I add SDK access to a project?

Create a project in Onirix Studio and click on options. Please note, that every time you add SDK access to a project, we will guide you through the check out process as this changes the price of your subscription. You can remove SDK access from a project at any moment.

What happens to the projects that I have created during my trial?

All your projects remain in the same place without any changes. If you are a developer, please note that every project with SDK access is charged for individually. Please check our price list for details.

What is transfer volume?

Transfer volume is the amount of data that travels between Onirix Studio and our App Players (or your own mobile applications). Whenever a scene is visualized inside Onirix Studio or inside an app, content like 3D models, images or data sheets are downloaded from our cloud infrastructure. As long as this content is not modified, it is only downloaded once during runtime. For our standard accounts, we assume that the average user does not exceed a total transfer volume of more than 30GB/month. Plans with SDK access include a transfer volume of 150GB/month. If a user keeps exceeding the included transfer volume, we might ask them to move to a custom plan with a higher transfer volume. Let’s take a look at a few examples to give you a feeling for how much transfer volume is usually consumed.
A 3D enhanced product catalog has about 1.000 views per months. This catalog includes ten 3D models between 5 and 10 MB each. This project would use about 50 GB of transfer volume per month.
In an industrial environment, an application is providing overlaying descriptions and repair instructions for the different components of electrical cabinets. This application exclusively uses 2D models and has only 20 users, as this a company-specific application. As the models are in 2D, the per-user transfer volume is about 20 MB which results in an overall transfer volume of about 400 MB per month.
In an advertising campaign, an animated scene is being used to promote a new product. The product is placed inside a highly detailed 3D scene with different characters, textures, and animations which have a total volume of 25MB. For an expected of 30.000 monthly views, the transfer volume is going to be around 750 GB. As this exceeding the included transfer volume, a custom plan would be required.

What are views?

A view is a request for accessing an AR scene via a Launch Pad. Views generated from within your Onirix account (e.g. during design) are not counted. Our accounts come with a certain amount of views per month included. If you require more views (e.g. for online campaigns or large-scale events) packages with more views can be purchased.

When do I need a custom plan?

If you are planning large-scale campaigns or events, please contact us for a custom plan.

What happens if I have exhausted my transfer volume or views?

We will notify you via email before you reach the limit of your plan. Up-to-date information regarding these metrics is also available in Onirix Studio.

How can I manage my subscription?

Click on “My Account” go to Account and Billing to update or pause your subscription.