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  • Plan
  • Price Billed monthly Billed yearly
  • Flexible pricing (buy on-demand)
  • Domains Customize your plan by adding more domains, views and scanned spaces as needed. These extras can be purchased monthly even if your plan is annual. Contact sales for the price of each package. External domains (and all its subdomains included) to Onirix associated with a specific brand or customer (e.g. mywebdomain.com, blog.mywebdomain.com, etc). More info.
  • Onirix hosting (Studio views) Studio views: All views are renewed every new period.
  • Self hosting & SDK Local testing Self hosting views: Unlimited for development and testing tasks on trusted domains (localhost, etc.). Except for the Scale plan that has unlimited views, the rest of the plans share the consumption of the self hosting views with the Studio ones. Accessible with our Engine SDK.
  • Spatial AR
  • Remove brandingOnirix splash screen, Clip card and WebAR domain New visual positioning system (VPS) that allows you to scan an environment, place AR content in it with high precision, and keep it anchored for the duration of the user experience. More info. More information about the branded splash screen in our documentation portal.
  • Support The maximum response time via ticket will be 3 hours on working days, during working hours (from 9:00 to 18:00 GMT + 1). You can see the differences between the different types of support in our FAQs section.
  • Projects Number of Web AR projects you can have in your account.
  • Mixed reality (headsets) In addition to mobile devices, Onirix Web AR experiences are also compatible with Meta Quest 3. More info.
  • Datastore & Connected Modules Through this feature you can create data structures, store and configure useful information for your experiences, and make use of our advanced modules. More info.
  • Password protected projects Set password protected access to projects. More info.
  • Team roles & permissions Configure and manage user access to your Onirix account. More info.
  • Starter
  • €90 /mo €45 /mo
  • Free trial (15 days)
  • Embark on your AR journey
  • 200 /mo
  • 200 extra views
  • Docs & blog
  • 10
  • Scale
  • €2,998 /mo €1,499 /mo
  • Get Scale
  • Lead the AR revolution
  • 5
  • 500,000 /mo
  • Unlimited Unlimited
  • 50 scanned spaces
  • Premium (Technical queries and consulting)
  • Unlimited
  • Starter
    • €90 /mo
    • €45 /mo

    Embark on your AR journey.

    Get Starter
    • Flexible pricing (Some features can be expanded on-demand).
    • Domains.
    • Onirix hosting with 200 AR views /mo.
    • Self hosting & SDK only for development(200 for local testing)
    • Spatial AR
    • Remove branding(Onirix splash screen).
    • Support: Docs & blog.
    • 10 projects.
    • Mixed reality(headsets).
    • Modules/Datasheets & Datastore.
    • Password-protected projects.
    • Team roles & permissions.
  • Scale **
    • €2,998 /mo
    • €1,499 /mo

    Lead the AR revolution

    Get Scale
    • Flexible pricing The features marked in blue can be expanded on-demand:
    • 5 domains.
    • Onirix hosting with 500,000 AR views /mo.
    • Unlimited Self hosting & SDK.
    • Spatial AR: 50 scanned spaces
    • Remove branding(Onirix splash screen).
    • Premium support (Technical queries & Consulting).
    • Unlimited projects.
    • Mixed reality(headsets).
    • Modules/Datasheets & Datastore.
    • Password-protected projects.
    • Team roles & permissions.

Conditions of the consumption limits of each plan within our fair use policy

* The Starter plan is not a valid plan for the realisation of commercial projects where access is given to end users. Its purpose is the development of internal experiences and demos.

** All prices shown are exclusive of taxes.

Success Stories

Onirix is being used by large and small organizations all around the world

  • Movistar Plus+'s series "El Inmortal"

    One of Telefónica’s brands, Movistar Plus+, has used Onirix technology to promote the second season of its series “El Inmortal”.

    It is a virtual portal in augmented reality that recreates the iconic gym of the series, where fans can interact and discover exclusive content interactively.

    Fans of the series can access this experience from the browser of their mobile devices, without the need to download any app.

  • Artwork reconstruction with AR

    The Ermita de Villacans, in Barcelona, has Gothic, Renaissance and modern-era mural paintings inside, which have deteriorated over time.

    Thanks to augmented reality, the NowAR agency has managed to reconstruct these works of art using Onirix’s Web AR technology.

    Today, any user visiting this monument will be able to enjoy these works of art from their mobile device.

  • Telefónica's Distrito AR

    Distrito AR is a project of five augmented reality experiences developed by the Innovation and Talent Hub of Distrito Telefónica in Madrid. This initiative has transformed the company’s headquarters into an interactive space that enriches both the experience of employees and visitors to the headquarters in one of the actions carried out by Telefónica on the occasion of its centenary.

    The agency DeuSens has been responsible for supporting Telefónica in the development of these experiences and, to do so, has relied on augmented reality technology for Onirix browsers.

  • LG aerothermal installation

    Digital twin of the technical manuals of aerothermal systems. Thanks to a solution based on 3D and AR, we help sales people and technical training to create more efficient and visual ways to interact with complex processes of installation. Perfect support for booths in face-to-face events. It also becomes an interactive manual for training and technical equipment installation companies.

Brands using Onirix

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What are Projects and Scenes in Onirix?

In Onirix the organization of the experiences is done on two levels: Projects and scenes. Each project is a set of scenes, which can be of different types (image tracking, surface, spatial). Within a project, different scenes can coexist, representing different experiences and contents.

A project can be seen as the organization of content for a specific client, or for a specific campaign.

With Onirix paid accounts greater than Starter, there is no limitation on the number of projects and scenes that can be created. However, the Starter license is limited to 10 projects and also to 10 scenes within each project.

What are Onirix-hosting Views (studio views)?

A view is a request for accessing an AR scene via our webAR viewer, either the URL for an asset or for a complete scene. Each time a user accesses AR content a view will be counted, just the same way each time a visitor watches a youtube video. Views generated from the Studio editor (e.g. during design using the 3D viewer) are not counted. If you require more views (e.g. for online campaigns or large-scale events) you can upgrade to our higher plans.

Onirix-hosted views are all views consumed from experiences created in Onirix Studio directly, and can be accessed by any end user using Onirix links and QRs, or by embedding the experiences in external domains.

More info in our fair policy use: https://www.onirix.com/fair-use//

What are self-hosting views and what is the difference with Onirix-hosting?

Self-hosted views are views consumed from a server external to the Onirix architecture. Using the Onirix Enegine SDK you can host AR experiences on your own server, and make use of our detection, localisation or tracking technology. Through this SDK you can do testing and development processes in local domains, or in custom domains with public access, thus consuming the self-hosting views.

For plans where we have indicated “Limited by plan views” means that the views are shared for both the ones hosted by Onirix and the self-hosted ones. For plans where we put “Unlimited” it means specifically that the self-hosted views are not limited in any way.

Can I get more views for my plan?

Yes, you can do this by acquiring a superior license, and go up depending on the traffic needs you may have. Also, starting from Professional license, you can purchase add-ons to increase different aspects of your license, like views or custom domains.

You can contact our sales team if you have any doubt about this.

Can I avoid consuming views while developing my experiences?

Yes, if you are testing in our online Studio tool, we have a feature you can use to test your experiences without consuming public views. This is the Preview 3D or 3D viewer. Here we explain how to take advantage of it: https://docs.onirix.com/onirix-studio/scene-editor/3d-viewer

On the other hand, if you are developing and testing using our Engine SDK, you can avoid consuming views by using a localhost domain from a Professional license. More info about local domain options here.

What happens if I reach the limit of views during a month?

In any of the Onirix paid plans (Starter, Professional or Scale), when reaching or approaching the monthly view limit, you can upgrade to the next plan to increase the total available views (Starter to Professional, or Professional to Scale).

If you have a Professional or a Scale license, you can also purchase add-ons to increase the number of views available in your current plan. To do this you just need to contact our support team by creating a new support ticket.

We will notify you via email about your plan limits as you consume views. You can also review this within the metrics screen of your Onirix account. However, please note that once the limit is reached, if it is not extended, access to the Web AR content will be blocked.

How does the branded splash screen work in Onirix?

Our splash screen is a small animation that is displayed before the loading of any Onirix experience, with a white background and our logo included. To avoid displaying this branded content it is necessary to have at least a Professional plan.

What is the difference between Docs & Blog, Advanced and Premium Support?

With Docs & Blog support (included for Starter accounts) you can access all our online documentation tools, experience library and video tutorials.

When you have specific issues or questions about the product, any feature, or specific technical doubts, as well as the use of our technical tools such as SDKs; you can access our advanced support which allows you to contact our support team via the Onirix Studio ticketing system. For this you will need to have access at least to a Professional license.

In premium support you can request specialized technical assistance with our engineering team, and have access to videoconferencing (maximum 1h monthly non-cumulative) with our highly qualified staff. We will be available to schedule a meeting and to review your specific case, whether it concerns to a technical request about the use of our development tools, an issue in any of your projects, scene creation, asset optimisation, business scoping or license customisation. This level of support is included in our Scale licenses.

For more information check out our service level agreement, where we specify all this in more detail.

When am I charged for my license fee?

When you subscribe to a paid licence, you will be charged for the current period in advance (monthly or yearly, depending on the option you select). When that period ends, and on the same day number on which you signed up, you will be charged for the next period automatically.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel any license, we require ten days notice prior to the end of a billing cycle. You can cancel your account at https://studio.onirix.com/user/account . Please note that if you cancel your account you will have access to your projects and contents during the current period you have already paid, and also you can undo this action during that period.