Why develop with the Onirix AR SDK?

Onirix is an ecosystem of development tools that make creating Augmented Reality mobile applications a pleasant journey. In this article we are going to take at the different compontents involved.

Onirix Studio is a web application where you can upload content and configure experiences, from any place or device. Any changes made inside the Studio are instantly synchronized with your apps and do not require reinstallation or new deployment.

Our Players, are a set of apps that allow you to visualize the experiences created inside Studio and test experiences. Just run the app, enter your account credentials, select your project ‘et voilá’.

For app developers, we provide our SDKs, documentation and detailed how to’s. Create your own app and include your brand logo and look feel. Our SDKs do not require any special 3D graphics or maths knowledge. Focus on your project and Onirix will set up the AR layer for you.

onirix augmented reality SDK

Besides all the cool tech stuff that we have, our support team is ready to answer all your questions. We want your project to be a success. If you like bullet points as much as we do, you are going to love the following feature list:

Augmented Reality Development Made Easy

  • Cloud platform: it scales automatically as your user base grows
  • Intuitive: no prior AR knowledge required
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Dedicated support team of expert AR developers


  • Web application: Web applications are cross-platform by nature. Onirix is also optimized for mobile devices so you can use it with any desktop or mobile device with a modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE Edge, Opera). No installation required.
  • Auto-sync: Any change you make in Studio is instantly synchronized to the apps, no reinstall or new deployment is required.
  • Wide asset type support: Supports 2D, 3D and multimedia (video & audio) assets. For 3D assets, several formats are supported like OBJ, FBX, GLTF (including animations).
  • Auto asset optimization: After every asset upload, Studio performs an automatic optimization to prepare your content for running on mobile devices.
  • Templates & Datasheets: If you don’t have a backend and you want to include some info for your app, like a small database, templates and datasheets allow you to do so.
  • User metrics: Check how your projects are running (traffic generated, unique users using your projects…)
  • Security: Onirix ensure all your data is safe from loss and secured against unauthorized access.

App Players

  • Fast experience visualization
  • Available from app stores (Google Play & App Store)
  • Scene manipulation (on the roadmap)
  • Screen Recording (on the roadmap)
  • Quick sharing for screenshots (on the roadmap)


  • Open Source SDKs and examples
  • Highly customizable
  • Community: Github or Stack Overflow
  • Easy to work with: No advanced graphics or math knowledge required