Success Stories

Read what our clients have to say about creating Augmented Reality experiences with Onirix

Success Stories
  • Movistar Plus+'s series "El Inmortal"

    One of Telefónica’s brands, Movistar Plus+, has used Onirix technology to promote the second season of its series “El Inmortal”.

    It is a virtual portal in augmented reality that recreates the iconic gym of the series, where fans can interact and discover exclusive content interactively.

    Fans of the series can access this experience from the browser of their mobile devices, without the need to download any app.

  • Artwork reconstruction with AR

    The Ermita de Villacans, in Barcelona, has Gothic, Renaissance and modern-era mural paintings inside, which have deteriorated over time.

    Thanks to augmented reality, the NowAR agency has managed to reconstruct these works of art using Onirix’s Web AR technology.

    Today, any user visiting this monument will be able to enjoy these works of art from their mobile device.

  • Telefónica's Distrito AR

    Distrito AR is a project of five augmented reality experiences developed by the Innovation and Talent Hub of Distrito Telefónica in Madrid. This initiative has transformed the company’s headquarters into an interactive space that enriches both the experience of employees and visitors to the headquarters in one of the actions carried out by Telefónica on the occasion of its centenary.

    The agency DeuSens has been responsible for supporting Telefónica in the development of these experiences and, to do so, has relied on augmented reality technology for Onirix browsers.

  • LG aerothermal installation

    Digital twin of the technical manuals of aerothermal systems. Thanks to a solution based on 3D and AR, we help sales people and technical training to create more efficient and visual ways to interact with complex processes of installation. Perfect support for booths in face-to-face events. It also becomes an interactive manual for training and technical equipment installation companies.

  • Manuel Carrasco tour with Finetwork

    For Manuel Carrasco’s 2023 tour, we’ve created a webAR experience where attendees can take home a flyer featuring a volumetric video of Manuel with a special message (image tracking). 

    You can also see Manuel in your own home, hear him sing, and take a picture with him (surface tracking). Over 30,000 views only in the first weekend of the tour, which lasts about 5 months with 30 dates.

  • VMLY&R X Durex & Ponton Group: The Art Of Sex

    VMLY&R agency, in collaboration with Durex and Ponton Group, achieved a Bronze award in the Health and Wellness category at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, thanks to an idea executed with Onirix technology.

    When the Minister of Education of Poland banned sex education in the country while demanding an increase in museum visits for students, the agency devised various webAR experiences using certain paintings from Poland’s permanent exhibitions as points of contact for sexual education. 

  • Goiko

    With the launch of a new product, Goiko was looking for an impactful campaign that would also collect new customer data.

    The creative agency NowAR designed an augmented reality game dynamic, adapted to the brand image, accompanied by a gamification campaign based on prizes.

    Over the first three weeks of the campaign, more than 50,000 unique players played, with an average of 1.8 games per player, and a total of more than 200.000 views.

  • Santa Lucía insurance

    Many Worlds, a digital agency that collaborates with top brands, has developed an Web AR solution for the insurance company Santa Lucía, which allows highlighting the lesser-known advantages and coverage of their home insurance policies.

    Thanks to the technology provided by Onirix, a 3D apartment has been created, featuring characters that accompany various fun and engaging animations, illustrating some of the everyday situations where you would be glad to have home insurance.

  • Deusens X CC Westfield La Maquinista: Event promotion webAR

    The agency specialised in immersive experiences Deusens developed the promotion of a gastronomic event with WebAR for the Westfield La Maquinista Shopping Centre. Based on image recognition, it brought the campaign poster to life with a series of animations that guarantee an engaging and immersive effect.

    Thanks to Onirix technology, it has been possible to bring to life the static promotional image of the event, a revolutionary way to innovate in communication and promotional marketing campaigns focused on events and physical meetings.

  • Engen - Quickees Play

    South African marketing agency, MCI, through Onirix created a gamification dynamic to attract audiences to Engen’s 900+ service stations. They also wanted to showcase their new brand of jelly beans, Quickees, in a fun way.

    A game design adapted to the brand image was created, as well as a jelly bean hunt dynamic, in the different regions of the country.

    The campaign, which was initially planned for two weeks, was a complete success, with more than 35,000 games played during the two months of the campaign.

  • La Tagliatella

    La Tagliatella asked digital marketing agency Dakota&Durango to create the audiovisual and creative content for its new menus. As part of that process they were able to offer a service of creating dishes in augmented reality.

    During the first year of the virtual menu, La Tagliatella’s dishes have been viewed around 400,000 times, and they have renewed their services for their new dishes for next year.


    Tecsos created an application that helps hospitalized children to pass the time by interacting with their environment. The application offers virtual learning and interactive games like escape rooms.

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