Success Stories

Read what our clients have to say about creating Augmented Reality experiences with Onirix

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  • Goiko

    With the launch of a new product, Goiko was looking for an impactful campaign that would also collect new customer data.

    The creative agency NowAR designed an augmented reality game dynamic, adapted to the brand image, accompanied by a gamification campaign based on prizes.

    Over the first three weeks of the campaign, more than 50,000 unique players played, with an average of 1.8 games per player, and a total of more than 200.000 views

  • Engen - Quickees Play

    South African marketing agency, MCI, through Onirix created a gamification dynamic to attract audiences to Engen's 900+ service stations. They also wanted to showcase their new brand of jelly beans, Quickees, in a fun way.

    A game design adapted to the brand image was created, as well as a jelly bean hunt dynamic, in the different regions of the country.

    The campaign, which was initially planned for two weeks, was a complete success, with more than 35,000 games played during the two months of the campaign.

  • La Tagliatella

    La Tagliatella asked digital marketing agency Dakota&Durango to create the audiovisual and creative content for its new menus. As part of that process they were able to offer a service of creating dishes in augmented reality.

    During the first year of the virtual menu, La Tagliatella's dishes have been viewed around 400,000 times, and they have renewed their services for their new dishes for next year.

  • Sony

    Augmented reality experience created for Sony on its 75th anniversary. Creation of an animated scene in web augmented reality to show the new logo of the brand, in a technological and futuristic way, through a hologram.

  • Unilever

    Mapping of production line “bocabajo”. Localisation within the production line through artificial vision. High accuracy guidance with augmented reality. Tasks identification: inspection, maintenance, cleaning…


    Tecsos created an application that helps hospitalized children to pass the time by interacting with their environment. The application offers virtual learning and interactive games like escape rooms.

  • KPMG

    The risk prevention department is using the RA to be able to scan the different floors of their offices and provide visual guides, which allow detecting emergency exits.

    With this type of solution, they create an interactive way to train employees and familiarize them with the access points for dangerous situations.

  • Prevencontrol

    Augmented reality helps Prevencontrol to offer training courses through visual indications, on real facilities.

    In this way, they can offer a system of "steps" where the student must manipulate real physical elements, guided by AR lessons that can also ask questions in the process.

  • Red Eléctrica de España

    Red Eléctrica de España uses AR to digitize several of its departments: security, engineering and digitization.

    Through step sequence techniques or electrical risk reviews, Neosentec helps reduce racking times, as well as avoid accidents at power stations.