Success Stories

Read what our clients have to say about creating Augmented Reality experiences with Onirix

  • Thyssenkrupp uses high precision guiding inside their facilities. AR helps on-sight staff to identify components in complex technical setups by providing contextual information.

    José Mendiolagoitia, Chief Manager at TKEIC

    José Mendiolagoitia

    Chief Manager at TKEIC

    “With Onirix we’ve been able to create an application that escalates the efficiency of our maintenance engineers.”

  • Tecsos created an application that helps hospitalized children to pass the time by interacting with their environment. The application offers virtual learning and interactive games like escape rooms.

    Michel Rodríguez, Project Engineer, Tecsos

    Michel Rodríguez

    Project Engineer

    “Building an AR-based learning experience was a hassle-free process thanks to Onirix.”

  • Grupo ZB is using Augmented Reality to present its recycling machines to clients. AR allows them to bring these gigantic machines to any place in the world, configure them together with the client and demonstrate their usage in real-size and in real-world locations.

  • Batz is a technology supplier for the automotive and aerospace industry that is engineering complex machinery for production lines like hydraulic presses. Among their customers are companies like Volkswagen, Airbus and Dyson.

    Batz uses AR to improve communication between different teams within the company as well as with their clients. AR is being used to help engineers to have 3D models of machinery available at all times. It also helps technicians on the client-side to resolve issues by providing a highly detailed virtual twin of the affected machine in real-size.

  • Thanks to our platform a company like Kochan Partner, oriented to generate resources, experiences, solutions, and campaigns for its customers, has been able to generate an RA experience in an agile and fast way for Xing.

  • Jam Sutton used Augmented Reality for its 2019 exhibition “Rituals” in Venice, Italy. Sutton used high-resolution scans of archeological monuments and utilized them to mirror modern-day rituals like consumerism and the transfer of meaning to objects.

  • Around this case, Alrec has opted for the creation of an application with which he can display 360-degree portals, this is basically the creation of an experience in which it seems that the user goes through a virtual portal, to enter into a non-existent world.

  • Mapping of production line “bocabajo”. Localisation within the production line through artificial vision. High accuracy guidance with augmented reality. Tasks identification: inspection, maintenance, cleaning…

  • Augmented reality can help our clients in multiple sectors, but of course, in a transversal way, it can be a very useful tool to improve the commercial experience.

    Thanks to the RA, STE Tecpharm is able to show their products with total realism, in events, or visits to customers, carrying their catalog of machines with them, in a virtual way, within this app developed with Onirix.