+20 M users waiting for your Web3D for AR glasses

More than 20 million Meta Quests sold; 200,000 Apple Vision Pro in its first week. Millions today, billions tomorrow. Your website is not ready for augmented reality glasses. Shall we help you?

Why now?

Users are already demanding a Web3D that allows them to interact with your brand in an immersive way, and current technology enables you to meet their needs.

Web AR concept

Now is the time

More than 13 % of US homes already have at least one extended reality device. And more than 55 % of users are over 35 years old. The market is real and it’s not just teenagers.

Users use their AR glasses for purposes beyond video games, from watching movies (42 %) to surfing the internet (29 %). According to Mark Zuckerber, growth is exponential with the advent of color mixed reality, surpassing even Fitness apps.

We are at a moment comparable to the first iPhone: differentiation leads to success. Onirix helps you position yourself in front of your competition with speed and low investment.

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Who trusts Onirix?

Some of the brands that trust Onirix for the development of Web AR projects, a transversal and useful technology for multiple objectives and sectors.

Speed, quality and autonomy with Onirix

Create experiences in minutes thanks to our online editor and a technical team ready to help you at all times.

Onirix Studio

Save time without sacrificing customization.

Create Web AR in an agile way via drag & drop. Use the online Code Editor to have full control of your scenes using standard web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

Prefer to code from scratch? Use our Web AR SDK.

Create experiences without large investments.

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Multiplatform experiences

Thanks to its ease of use and available documentation, Onirix allows you to create AR Web experiences without the need for you to be a fullstack programmer.

But best of all, the same experience will be compatible with AR glasses, cell phones, tablets, computers and even touch screens. So you can monetize your project from day one.

And all this from a single web project, without the need to program for each device or go through the approval process of the app stores.

Make your project profitable from day one.

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Web AR concept
Web AR concept

Comprehensive service

The market has decided it’s time to move to Web3D and doesn’t care how complex it is for brands to do so.

Need help getting millions of AR glasses users to consume your web content without barriers?

Onirix is the only tool that centralizes your transition from Web2D to Web3D. We offer you comprehensive advice and support from our partner network, from complete project management to training your team.

Onirix is trusted by customers in more than 32 different countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+20 M users waiting for your Web3D for AR glasses

Does Onirix bill for each AR experience?

No. Our online tool, in the commercial use plans, allows you to create unlimited projects for your contracted domains, and you even have unlimited subdomains for each of them.

For example, if you have to create 20 experiences for a brand, each hosted on a different subdomain, you will not have to pay for 20 subdomains. You only need to purchase a single domain.

Does Onirix require a subscription period?

No. If you want, you can sign up for a single month license. However, we value long-term relationships by offering a 50% discount on all annual plans.

What devices is Onirix compatible with?

Onirix is compatible with 94.29% of smartphones and tablets in AR mode, with computers and touch screens in 3D mode and with AR glasses.

Specifically, we support Meta Quest 3 with interactive AR and Apple Vision Pro for 3D object preview. As soon as Apple enables WebAR in Safari for its glasses, you will be able to visualize your interactive projects without any additional development.

Are the experiences hosted on your servers?

Augmented reality experiences generated with Studio are hosted on Onirix servers. You can also host AR experiences on your own servers or on your clients’ servers using our Engine SDK.