Service level agreement – Studio

Service level agreement

Service Level Agreement (the “SLA”): the Services, or anything integrated into them, may be unavailable from time to time, may be offered by layers and on a limited scale, or may vary depending on the geolocation of the device through which the User access to Studio.

During the Term of the Services and while the contractual relationship between the User and Neosentec still is in force as provided in these Terms, the latter ensures the User a minimum percentage of service availability, upon this section, of a monthly 99,00% with regard to the service level objective (the “SLO”). If Neosentec does not meet the SLO, and if the User meets the obligations provided under these Terms, to the extent that the latter notifies the former within thirty calendar days (30) after the finalization of the monthly period when such harm was caused, the User may be eligible to receive monetary compensation (the “Credit”) that shall be exclusively granted as a discount percentage credited to future monthly bills issued by Neosentec.

98.00% – <99.00%10%
94.00% – <98.00%25%

The User shall be only entitled to claim Credit if the downtime period (minutes measured as a minimum category) of the Services is to be caused by events or circumstances related to Neosentec or any of the latter’s IT providers and directly linked to the performing of the Services.

The SLA shall not be applicable, under any circumstance, to: (i) duly identified (unless expressed otherwise by Neosentec) Alpha or Beta developments; (ii) events included in legal concepts “Unforeseeable Circumstances” and “Force Majeure” (as understood in applicable and governing law) or others that go beyond Neosentec’s reasonable control when providing the Services; (iii) errors that resulted from User’s software or hardware or third party software or hardware; (iv) errors that resulted from abuses of others conducts prohibited by these Terms; or (v) errors that resulted from quotas applied by the administrated systems controlled by Neosentec.

The SLA shall neither be violated nor affected by any Services programmed interrupted period duly notified in advance for emergency, maintenance or upgrading at any time.

Neosentec shall strive to keep the Services available and to complay its SLA obligations with its best efforts. However, if an interruption is caused, Neosentec is not liable for any disruption or loss that the User may suffer and does not guarantee the possibility of recovering a project or its related AR Content.

Advanced support in Onirix

Onirix will offer support in terms of error correction in “ad-hoc” projects, and on the Onirix Studio web platform; as well as in support tasks with the configuration of the experiences within Onirix Studio: import of 3D models, configuration of assets within the scene, interactions between the elements, etc.

The way to contact Onirix for help will be in the following ways:

  • Support ticket system provided within the Onirix Studio platform
  • Via email:
  • Through the means indicated to each client when it comes to a project that has custom or “ad-hoc” components (White Label app, personalized webAR experience, or any other type of specific solution).

Our SLAs for support are:

Response time

  • Office hours: 3h.
  • Non-office hours: 48h.

Our office hours are from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM GMT + 1. Our work calendar is governed by the calendar in Spain, and specifically that of the town of Oviedo.

Error resolution time

  • Tier 1: critical error. An issue that is preventing Onirix Studio, or some ad-hoc development, from working normally: until it’s resolved,
  • Tier 2: medium error. A problem that is relevant but the user can continue using Onirix Studio or its ad-hoc solution: 16-24h
  • Tier 3: minor bug. A very specific problem that does not affect the general use of Onirix Studio or the ad-hoc solution (for example, an error within the interaction of a specific scene): 48h.

Limitations of the support in the CMS

The included support related to managing RA content, creating experiences, or importing Assets; will initially be limited to a specific amount of time. Within the proposed monthly rate, a total of 2 hours, non-cumulative, per month, is included to help with this type of support. To extend this time, support hours can be purchased from the technical team.