How AR can transform workplace training and onboarding

Onboarding and workplace training is essential for any company that wants to be successful. Therefore, it is very important to do it properly so the new employees not only feel welcome but also receive solid training. This can prove to be more difficult than it sounds, you have to make sure not to overload them with too much information or they will not be able to retain all of it. This could further lead to demotivation of the newcomers and that is something you need to avoid. You want them to fully engage with your company and learn fast in an entertaining way, otherwise, the risk of dissatisfaction could also lead to low employee retention. After all, the first impression of your company should be a good one.

Make employees feel welcome with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has great potential when it comes to training and onboarding, which is something that will continue growing in the future as 50% of all jobs are going to be remote. AR is perfect for explaining complex products and processes to newly hired employees in an interactive way that will allow the employee to absorb and retain a great amount of information in a short time. This, of course, is much more appealing and engaging than learning from handbooks or the company’s intranet. 

With AR you will be able to make everything visual in their own environment. Basically, you are providing them with their personal work guide to walk through the company, while at the same time receiving real-time instructions. This will also facilitate interaction with other employees, which will occur more naturally.

Installation and Maintenance with AR

This sector can benefit tremendously from the use of AR, for the same reasons as Remote Support does. Obviously, in installation and maintenance, it is extremely important to avoid errors. Therefore, it is also important to have clear communication with no misunderstandings.

AR supporting maintenance and remote support

Think of how much more an expert can do if he can give live support online, not needing to be on-site to do so. It saves travel costs and time, so he will be able to do much more work in a shorter period. Another advantage of AR is the ability to train your staff or clients to get acquainted with machinery and technology, even before setting foot into a real facility.

Safety Training with AR

For many industries, safety training is a top priority because of all the potential hazards a site can pose, especially in manufacturing sites. The training in these companies is taken seriously and needs to be as rigorous as possible to avoid injuries or worse.

Augmented Reality can help with workplace safety training

By offering simulations with AR, workers can be trained in how to be safe on-site and know what to do in case of an emergency. Because AR works with their own environment, the simulations will be much more effective and employees will better retain all the important information, so when the time comes to act they will immediately know what to do. In these situations acting with knowledge and speed is crucial to saving lives.

Sales Training with AR

AR can be used in multiple ways for sales training. First of all, the training of your employees can go much faster and efficient using this tool. Imagine giving your sales trainees realistic scenarios where they can practice their skills without the risk of losing a valuable deal.

Think also of the possibility of providing your trainees with simulations to help them navigate through a busy sales floor during big events, like Black Friday. This way they know what to expect and that will minimize stress on the day itself.

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And last, but not least, they also learn how AR itself works, a potential tool to use when it comes to the actual selling of products. Imagine your company offers the possibility of using AR to encourage potential customers to buy your products. Through their training, the employees will know how to use AR, which now, in turn, they can use to show the customers your products in physical space or even let them try on products. In short, you not only train your employees with AR but you also give them a powerful tool to make a sale.

Remote Support with AR

Nowadays everything seems fast-paced in companies to keep up to date with the latest developments and demands. That does not always leave enough time to teach employees everything they need to know. This is one of the reasons why giving remote support is becoming more important every day.

With AR you can, in a way, go back to the days when you learned by doing with the help of an expert craftsman that guided you through the training. It allows the remote workers to receive experienced help from experts, who in their turn can help more workers because they do not need to be present everywhere. AR allows them to see exactly the same the worker is seeing and at the same time share their knowledge with them as if they were present on-site.

Medical Training with AR

The medical sector is continuously changing which makes it complex. Training is essential to keep the medical staff highly trained and up to date. 

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Augmented Reality is changing medicine

AR can offer the kind of training that builds confidence and expertise because you are training in a safe environment. For example, a surgeon would be able to practice a new technique to perfection before trying it out on a patient. Or it can also show nurses how to administer new drugs. And because you can easily update AR whenever you need, you can adapt the content as new techniques arise to keep your staff competent and up to date.

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