Introducing webAR with image tracking

WebAR is going to become widely available as soon as web browsers officially start supporting the WebXR API which is supposed to happen in December 2019. We believe that it is going to be the biggest evolutionary step AR is going to take since its invention.

The first official version of the WebXR API will likely only support surface-based AR experiences, which is a great first step, but not sufficient for many use cases. That’s why we have decided to add our own tech to WebAR to make image-based AR experiences possible. You can see the result in the video below.

Onirix Web AR with image tracking running in Google Chrome, late 2019

We will offer this solution starting from early 2020, as soon as web browsers are capable of displaying Web AR experiences. Nevertheless, we will also provide a fallback solution for older or non-compatible web browsers in the future. 

You might recognize this approach from our SDKs. We support the most widely used AR frameworks ARCore and ARKit but we are also offering a solution for non-compatible devices based on our own tech. From our perspective, this approach makes the most sense: we are not competing with companies like Google or Apple, but we are adding value by providing functionality and by making the technology more accessible. 

We’ll be back at the beginning of December with the first user-accessible demo of our new Web AR product. If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us!

More about Web AR:

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