Audio in AR Scene Design

Sound and audio instantly change the immersive character of an AR scene. Typical use cases for sounds include audio guides, music or background sounds. In our example scene below, we have added clickable labels to a 3D model. If the user clicks on a label, an event is triggered that plays an audio file. In Onirix Studio, audio files are added to a scene by using drag-and-drop and need to be in .mp3 format. Once added, three different modes are available: autoplay, loop and positional.

3D model with audio, Credits skeleton model

The autoplay mode is mostly used for background sounds, as the audio file is played automatically when the scene is entered. In loop mode, the audio file is played again and again. This is useful for background music. The positional mode triggers playback depending on the position of the user within the scene.

For some more ideas, check out the video below. Make sure you have your sound on!

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