Beta phase for the new Spaces has started

Spaces is the most advanced type of vision-based Augmented Reality (AR) available in Onrix and it is used for advanced scenarios like indoor navigation. Spaces uses scene recognition and doesn’t require a marker. In order to be able to understand the environment, it combines a variety of technologies like SLAM.

Vision-based AR with Spaces

In order to design a Spaces experience, a 3D scan of the location is created. The scan is then pre-processed by Onirix Studio and AR content can be positioned with very high precision inside scenes.

So far, the scan required to create a Spaces experience could only be performed with Google Tango devices that possess a depth sensor using a special constructor app. Over the last months, we have ported this technology to ARKit/ARcore which makes the technology available on a large variety of devices. Additionally, we have added the capability to access Spaces experience and the functionality of the constructor app inside the normal Onirix app. This way, only one application is required to access Targets and Spaces experiences. 

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