AR for Universities and Higher Education

Immersive Teaching and Learning

Augmented Reality (AR) is going to be part of everyday life in just a few years. Tomorrow’s designers, software developers, engineers but also marketers and teachers will need the skills to leverage this technology.

AR makes even the most difficult to understand subjects engaging and turns them into valuable hands-on experiences.

Teach AR and Prepare your Students for Tomorrow

Empower your students by making AR part of the curriculum of your university. Students will have much much better opportunities in tomorrow’s job market if they finish their higher education with a solid background in AR.

Tomorrow’s designers, engineers, and teachers will use AR on a daily basis

Start the AR Revolution

Onirx Studio is a web platform that allows students to design their own AR experiences with a powerful Scene Designer. Experiences can be accessed with regular mobile devices like smartphones and tablets via the app players for Android and iOS. Students and teachers can also share experiences through a simple web link.

Our SDKs enable emerging software engineers to get started with Augmented Reality and mobile development.